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Roller Ball


Roller Ball(滾球)是Android手機市場上排名第一的3D立體滾球遊戲!該遊戲不僅將真實滾球的樂趣搬到你掌中的手機上,更有絢麗的畫面和精美的獎品等著你。玩法說明:- 用手指瞄準目標方向,滑動屏幕以擲出滾球,球就會經過球道進入計分洞。滑行中左右傾斜手機可以增加球的旋轉。
遊戲特性:- 經典的9球遊戲模式- 重力感應控制滾球的滑行過程- 6種各具特色的機器- 眾多精美的獎品可供兌換收集
Roller Ball is the No.1 Skee Ball style game in Android Market with 3D effects.
This game brings the fun of the boardwalk to the palm of your hand with not only 3D graphics but also great physics and fantastic prizes.
How to Play:Use your finger and steady aim to fling balls down the alley and up the ramp into the scoring holes. Tilt the cell phones to add spin. The higher points you score, the more tickets you will win.
Game Features:- Classic nine balls game- Accelerometer control of the ball in flight- 6 different machine styles- Lots of fantastic prizes for you to redeem